Morning Procedures:

  • Arrive to school on time at 7:45 AM.
  • Morning assembly
  • Hang backpacks/ jackets/ lunch boxes in designated space then empty your homework in the assigned bins.
  • Go to your seat for the Quran recitation, global news etc. and start the morning work.

Snack Procedures:

  • Short break of 10-12 minutes will be allowed for bathroom and snack break.
  • Bring a healthy snack for mid-morning break, no sodas or chewing gum allowed.
  • Put in lunch orders

Lunch Procedures:

  • After a call from teacher, put books and other materials away.
  • Follow the sunnah—sit quietly and eat with your right hand.
  • Clean up your area and get ready for recess.The students can bring their water bottles outside with them.

Wudu and Salat procedures:

  • Wait for your turn quietly at wudu station.
  • Walk back to the prayer area, take a seat and make dhikr/pray sunnah till everyone is ready for salat.

End of the Day Procedures:

  • Pack your homework folder
  • Clean up your area and stack the chair

*** Remember:  line is a quiet place,  walk to your right, and always be at your best behavior.