We are Proactive in 5th grade! We are learning about the power of personal accountability and not letting circumstances control us. Being proactive, is the first of seven habits of happy children. As a school we are trying to transform our school community into one that fosters leadership and positivism. So, for the month of October we will be focusing in the first habit, and encouraging children to be proactive both at school and at home!


We began work on process writing and are making a video to demonstrate how to make/ do something (of the students choice). It’s sure to be a great and creative upcoming week with all the students creativity and energy behind this task! We are continuing with book talk preparations as well as characteristics in a genre. We will begin our first whole class novel study the upcoming week! We are also practicing basic vocabulary and writing skills.


We wrapped up our Native American and Geography units this week with amazing projects. Students presented their work to the class and we enjoyed seeing how creative our peers are! We will take sail on our European explorers unit next. Our novel study is historical fiction so we will be bringing a lot of ELA into SS, which is awesome.  We are also working on team building and self reflection.